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In 2016 Enterprise Spending on Mobile Is Low

A Gartner Survey Reveals Enterprise Spending on Mobile App Development Remains Low, from a Gartner analysis on How Enterprises are Tackling Mobile App Development in 2016  that reveals…

The Mobile Mind Shift: Opportunities, Challenges & Solutions for Today’s Mobile Leader

Our founder and President, Mark Arteaga was invited by Xamarin University to deliver some technical workshops at Evolve 2016. Evolve is a great place to learn about using Xamarin but it’s much more…

‘Bring Your Own Device’ Policies and Meeting Employees’ Mobile Needs

In 2016, 65% of the U.S. workforce will be mobile. By 2021, that number will be 72%. What defines a mobile worker?

RedBit partners with enterprises to deliver more value to their employees, customers and shareholders; helping them develop business applications and digital products for today’s mobile economy.

Technology and data are strategic and necessary in order to attract and keep talent, better serve customers, create competitive advantage and generate more profit.  Enterprises face unique challenges in distributing applications and digital products due to internal constraint, legacy systems and processes, and keeping up to date on new and emerging technologies and development methodologies.  RedBit helps businesses address these challenges, digitally transform and become more nimble and adaptive one application at a time.

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Digital Transformation

Who’s Ready in Your Organization?

While the orientation of companies’ digital strategy is primarily external, the perceived obstacles to digital success are primarily internal

86% of top executives believe digital transformation is vital to their survival
72% of CEO’s struggling to source the right digital talent

Leaders need to hire people with digital mindsets and a willingness to challenge the status quo. Moreover, these individuals need to be placed across all levels of the organization to ensure real change.

VP & Directors

85% of IT directors say digital transformation efforts helps them develop more skills and make their job more exciting

30% of senior vice presidents, vice president, and director-level executives who don’t have adequate access to resources and opportunities to develop and thrive in a digital environment are planning to leave their company in less than one year.

11% of senior vice presidents, nice presidents and director-level executives say their company’s current talent base can compete effectively in the digital economy

With the current and future talent shortages, organizations need to actively procure the skills they need in house by making training a critical component of their talent management strategy; making effective use of on-demand workers and building business partnerships with experienced digitization vendors.

Development teams


30% of IT decision makers say they don’t have the security skills required


40% of IT decision makers admit they lack the skills required to integrate new applications into their current setup


59% of IT professionals say their organizations are not prepared for digital business in the next two years

69% of businesses admit they need external help to achieve transformation goals